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Written by on October 18, 2021

Coming from the richest man alive, “when something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.” ( E. Musk, 2020)

With a great start from The Frontal Lobe being the part of your brain that helps you organise, plan and pay attention ; redirecting your energy towards what you need to do is a great step towards channelling your FOCUS. 

“Stay Focused”, they say. “ I need to focus “ ; you claim.  

You will never know what you have to do until you filter what you can not do and what you should not do . FOCUS. 

Truth is, your mind is always working even when you doing nothing. It could either drive itself towards Default mode, which is psychologically explained as the anxiety , depression, stress and directionless ; or you can drive yourself towards the 25% percent of content , focus and listening to VOW FM. 

What makes you happy? What takes up much of your attention? What do you consume on your choice of gadget ? These 3 questions make up the mindset you need before you can conclude that you struggling to focus. Because you give up and then what? 

Hitting a nail with a hammer, getting a thread through a needle , changing lanes on the high way , why does your focus only surface when your life is on the line ? Shouldn’t living life without your goal in line be more fearful , FOCUS . As for me , “ I’m too loyal and too focused to be losing and be hopeless”. (Tyga. 2009) 

Written by: Mkateko Prudence Mahumane

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