How can students improve their prospects of securing jobs?

Written by on October 30, 2023

Written By: Princess Mahogo


Unemployment has become the word of the decade as COVID-19 brought many economies across the world near the brink of collapse. This led to many companies shutting down, retrenchments and salary cuts. As a result of these job losses and salary cuts, many households have been left scrambling to earn a living.

This has led to more students looking for jobs while continuing with their studies in order to support their families.

So here are some tips to improve your chances of securing a job while studying or after graduating.

Learn Multiple Skills
The current job market does not guarantee a high-paying job despite having a college degree, therefore it is advisable to learn as many skills as possible. The more skills you have, the more attractive you are to employers. This is because many companies are looking to cut down on the number of employees due to financial issues and want to hire people who are multi-skilled.

Have multiple CVs
It is vital that you always keep your CVs up-to-date. Having multiple CVs is important because the CV you send when applying for a job should reflect the position you are applying for and be relevant to what the company does. For example, you cannot apply for an engineering position and in your CV you put experience you gained at a journalism internship. Sometimes, an old or incorrectly formatted resume prevents your application from reaching the interview stage. So, update your resume with your recently acquired skills and experience, and make sure to use the correct format.

Apply for job shadowing opportunities or internships
It is advisable to apply for job shadowing or internships relevant to the course you are studying. Should your application be accepted and you get the opportunity to be placed with a company, this will allow you to focus on building connections within your field of study and gain work experience. Director for Cooperative Education at Tshwane University of Technology Dr Roelien Brink, says students should stay one step ahead by strategically planning every move towards achieving their career goals. “As a student, you must be involved with the industry in which you study from the first year to the final year of your study at the university. For example, you need to get involved with the companies doing job shadowing, volunteering jobs, get involved in hacker thorns and brainstorming the best solutions for a societal problem”. “Secondly, do extra online courses that will add to your field of study for example do a brand management online course. This will help you to brand not only yourself but your company on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram” “Lastly, it is important to find yourself a coach and mentor in your study field who can help you through your academic journey but also to become the best you.

By applying these suggestions, you can achieve your full potential and will be known within your field of study. Remember success in life can only be achieved through three Ps; Patience, Perseverance and persistence”.

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