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Written By: Khumo Mokoto

image by: ESS Hennessy VS Agithekraken

Founded in 2020, in Kagiso, Elite Slap Sports has grown to be a platform that helps to eradicate social ills destroying young men. ESS was founded by Agisanang Ramarutsi, affectionately known as Agithekrakelaken, who also partakes as a fighter in the sports.

“Through ESS, I aim to give young men an income and a purpose in life, and train them to stand for themselves against life’s hardships” Ramurutsi said.

When ESS was formed, there were a lot of individuals criticizing the creation, as it seemed like it was promoting violence, “I used to be told that I will get arrested for starting a sport based on violence, and that someone might die while participating in the sport”, said Agisanang.

Slap sport has shown growth around the world, even the United Fighting Championship (UFC) has a Power Slap category which is the same thing that is being done by ESS.

Elite Slap Sports has been featured on big platforms and numerous publications. The guys at the Kagiso based promotion, pride themselves in that.

“What I need now is sponsorship to help with paying fighters and crew as I do that from my own pocket at the moment” said Agithekrakelaken.

ESS is an ambitious promotion which is aiming to host events weekly across the African continent, and the world, also with the hopes of getting TV coverage.

Some of the fighters at ESS are Snaveejo and Nkabi Gumbi, together with their first ever champions Hao Morata and Hennessy.

ESS has also introduced a women’s category as the demand to have ladies has grown in the last couple of months.

Elite Slap Sports is just under five years old, but has a bright future ahead of it.

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