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Written by: Tasha Siziba


Economic Freedom Fighters Gauteng criticizes outstanding Gauteng premier Panyaza Lesufi’s nonsensical promise to procure 18 private hospitals in anticipation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) during his State of the Province Address.

Lesufi states that Gauteng will be undertaking a process of buying 18 private hospitals that will be converted into public hospitals.

Naledi Chirwa Gauteng EFF spokesperson, state the Premier’s assertion is illogical as it highlights a lack of understanding about the National Health Insurance and its implications for healthcare in the province.

Although Panyaza Lesufi has not made it clear which hospitals the Premier is referring to, it is implied that the 18 private hospitals would be repurchased because they were once state hospitals.

“Panyaza Lesufi dangerously highlights that there is no fundamental understanding of how the National Health Insurance will operate, this is because there is no correlation of preparing for the NHI through procuring private Hospitals.”

The EFF in Gauteng believes as a nationwide funding source, the National Health Insurance will be overseen by the federal government, which would enter into contracts with private healthcare facilities that are willing to provide healthcare services.

“It makes no sense that the Premier announces agreements for purchasing private facilities in order to prepare for the NHI as there would be no need for such in the case the NHI will be implemented beyond accrediting private facilities that have applied and processing claims for their services.”

Chirwa says The Economic Freedom Fighters have repeatedly criticized the National Health Insurance Corporation (NHI) for outsourcing healthcare to the private sector, arguing it is unwise and a potential disaster.

Furthermore, The Economic Freedom Fighters in Gauteng warn the departing Premier, Panyaza Lesufi, not to get into needless backdoor agreements with failing healthcare facilities by using funds that need to be used to meet the health requirements of Gauteng’s citizens.

The EFF Gauteng further warns the Premier to tread carefully and, at the very least, to be well- informed and not lead the people of Gauteng through pedestrian thinking.

“It is embarrassing that a Premier forges ahead in implementing efforts that aren’t grounded in his own party’s legislative efforts, thus costing our people money meant to keep them alive to plunge into the pockets of his friends in the name of the NHI, which isn’t in support of his actions.”

The EFF in Gauteng rejects the assertions by the Premier and their corrupt foundation.

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