Written by on February 29, 2024

Written by: Tlotlego Ranchu and Cynthia Motloane


The Johannesburg Metro Police Department has confirmed that multiple gunshots have been fired in Braamfontein, corner of Jorissen and Bertha Street, leaving multiple wounded, and three confirmed dead at the scene.

Unknown gunmen opened fire at a BMW sedan with 2 male occupants right opposite the Wits Art Museum, with an additional 2 victims caught in the crossfire. Three of the four victims sustained fatal injuries, with 2 of the victims caught in the crossfire being students traveling in a school bus.

Photo by: Tlotlego Ranchu

“He was in the bus, he was a student”, says an eyewitness.

Another Witness on the ground says two gunmen on foot fired approximately 5 shots and got away in a Toyota Fortuner.

“There were two guys who walked by and just shot them 5 times, and then got away in a fortuner”.

The South African Police Services and Private security companies have corned the area off from passing students and other pedestrians, with the Johannesburg Metro Police Department diverting traffic.

Speculations link the shooting to a taxi-related dispute however, the official motive of the shooting is still unknown.

The SAPS are processing the scene, and will further investigate.

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