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Written by: Tasha Siziba


The majority of South Africans, according to the Save South Africa Civic Movement, believe the negotiations to form a government of national unity are pointless.

For the first time since 1997, the African National Congress (ANC) has been forced to form a government of national unity (GNU).

The ANC, losing its parliamentary majority for the first time since the dawn of democracy, has formed a coalition with the opposition Democratic Alliance in response to the Economic Freedom Fighters and Zuma’s new party.

The Democratic Alliance’s participation in the Government of National Unity is in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s hands, as its leader, John Steenhuisen, requests another face-to-face meeting to resolve the current impasse.

However, the number of ministries that the DA is demanding continues to be the main source of contention.

Campaign Director for Save South Africa Civic Movement Tebogo Mashilompane says this GNU, which claims to have ten political parties in its basket, is nothing but politics of power.

Mashilompane argues that it is clear that this delay is caused by those claiming to advance the interests of the citizens, whereas in their deceitful hearts they know exactly what they are representing: the politics of dictatorship and deceit.

“It is not a secret that the fight is for strategic ministerial positions, and if it were not for the ministerial positions, the negotiations would have been concluded by now.”

“Save South Africa Civic Movement would like to remind all the members of the so-called GNU that only the President has a constitutional power to appoint ministers of his or her choice.”

The fact that all parties failed to get 50 plus 1 does not give some parties an advantage over others, said Mashilompane.

“The formula is very simple and clear; positions are allocated as per the number of votes or seats. Further, it is the president who decides who gets which seat, not the political parties.”

“As Save South Africa Civic Movement, we therefore applaud EFF, MKP, and other political parties that rejected the invitation to be part of this fake marriage.”

Mashilompane says Save South Africa Civic Movement: We will not support anything that seeks to undermine the Constitution.

We are, however, disappointed by those who decided to sell their souls for ministerial seats. We anticipate the collapse of this fake marriage, Mashilompane reiterated.

The movement is calling on all members of GNU to put the country first and not their personal interests.

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