Written by on July 3, 2024

Written by: Tasha Siziba


ActionSA has rejected the unjustified new electricity service charges imposed by City Power on Johannesburg residents following a Council sitting where ActionSA was outvoted.

Political parties, including ANC, EFF, PA, Al-Jamah-ah, AIC, AHC, APC, ATM, Cope, and Good, supported the imposition of a fixed monthly service charge of R200 on residents.

City Power has introduced a new monthly fee of R200 for its 250,000 prepaid customers, while post-paid customers already pay service fees.

“ActionSA maintains our objection to the unjustified service charges, particularly because we acknowledge the plight of residents, especially those languishing in poverty or just about managing to make ends meet, who simply cannot bear the extra burden imposed by the governing chaos coalition.”

ActionSA Joburg caucus leader Nobuhle Mthembu plans to rescind the decision by City Power and for the utility to return to the drawing board for alternative revenue collection methods.

“We strongly believe that while City Power must recover its revenue from defaulting residents, the same approach should be applied to certain Provincial Departments that have defaulted on their payments in the past, including the Departments of Education, Health, Housing, Infrastructure Development, and Transport.”

ActionSA, is calling for the disconnection of hijacked buildings from the City Power grid.

Mthembu urges Johannesburg residents to continue expressing their concerns and sign our petition before the next Council sitting to ensure their objections are heard.

ActionSA will continue to explore all available mechanisms to bring an end to this and will hold the governing chaos coalition accountable, said Mthembu.

“In the same breath, as we approach the 2026 Local Government Elections, residents must also remember the disastrous and uncaring tenure of the above-mentioned parties, who continuously failed to prioritise their interests.”

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