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VOW FM at an Outside Broadcast

Our Daily Bread is Interacting, entertaining and engaging with students & young people in Johannesburg on 88.1 FM.

VOW FM provides RADIO that is relevant, exciting, innovative, fresh, informative, educational, entertaining, accurate, and community specific.

Make Your Brand, Products and company relevant, known & valued with Students & Young South Africans (18-28). Radio is the most easily accessible and affordable medium in South Africa, providing you with the opportunity to quickly and effectively reach a large section of the population that many other mediums cannot successfully target.

Connect and Communicate directly to a highly lucrative market.  The Boardroom of the future starts here!

VOW’s footprint extends to Johannesburg and includes areas such as Rosebank, Sandton, Soweto, Braamfontein, Parktown, Auckland Park, Westcliff, Newtown, Pagview, Fordsburg, Melville and the central CBD.


VOW FM at an Outside BroadcastWe understand our listener and the market in which we operate. We know how to relate and interact with them and can provide you with expert knowledge that will enable maximum exposure and reception for your brand, product or business.

Our primary target audience is the students at Wits University. Students are a market that is often ignored by advertisers but this should not be the case as they are the future professionals and earners of society and are extremely upwardly mobile. Students are brand conscious and aware of trends, often setting or deciding on them. They have a huge influence on the desirability and sales of many products and brands. Many advertisers have the misguided view that students do not have money and often ask us why they should advertise to a market that cannot afford their products or services.

There are two very simple answers .The first being that tertiary institutions are extremely expensive and, as a result, are populated by students from predominantly wealthy backgrounds. With limited debts or financial commitments, students have large amounts of disposable income and are a perfect target for you to market your product to.

Secondly, while students have developed brand loyalties they are still willing to experiment and try out new products, unlike the older working population. People who are working often do not have time to source new products and so they go with what they know. Exposure to new brands/products leads to the formation of new brand loyalties that can potentially last a lifetime. Students often impact on the brand loyalties and purchases of their parents and can shift or change existing patterns within this market.

Eighty per cent of advertising fails to reach the desired target market or have the required effect. Why is this? Brand loyalty and a poor understanding of the target market are the most common reasons. If you need to develop new clientele that will grow your client base and potentially last a lifetime, then the audience of VOW is perfect for you. Our business is relating to and understanding students and our community and we can enable you to reach this market in an effective manner.


Students at Wits at our OBVOW talks directly to young people and our listener is known as “BLIP” (Name TBD). Blip is a 19 year old who enjoys a wide range of music that is hip, contemporary and mainstream. That said, blip would prefer or profess to be the first to have heard or acquired the latest song before it hits rotation. BLIP also appreciates older music mostly that which is attached to good experiences that Blip has enjoyed and those songs which stir pleasurable memories.

Blip has buying power. Blip wants to be a trend-setter and doesn’t mind saving for that exclusive pair of jeans or the latest Nokia phone. Blip loves all the things that most young people love – from going out on weekends to chatting on different chat rooms and listening to the latest music etc.

Though the individual described above is our core listener one can’t ignore the fact that Wits University has employees which will also be listening to this vibrant station. These secondary listeners consist of Wits University staff and the greater Johannesburg metropolitan surrounding the Wits University campus (including future students), high schools and businesses within our immediate vicinity. Our primary market LSM is 5 to 10. Our secondary market caters for LSM 7-10.