• deepindigostate


    Indie Deep (Lebo) provides you with an alternative selection of Indie Rock & Deep house music. While Indie Rogue (Tshepy) brings you the experimental side of R&B, soul & Hip hop music. Deep Indigo State is a show that brings …

  • That Lunch Show

    Touching Base

  • thefactory

    The Factory


    No time for blue mondays and awkward tuesdays. Catch The Factory and get an early week boost.

  • rendez-vouz-africa

    RENDEZ-VOUS Africa

    TUESDAYS: 7:30 - 8pm

    Listen to the weekly offering in French on VOW FM where Africans meet South Africans.

  • KPOP

    KPop Fridays

    FRIDAY: 11:00 - 12PM

    Weekly specialist music show that plays the best in Korean Pop Music. Lifestyle, Culture and BRAND NEW Music 11:00-12:00 Fridays

  • lawfocus

    Law focus

    TUESDAYS: 7 - 8pm

      Law Focus is the show that brings the law to you and hands you your rights. Every week we look at a hot legal topic with the help of interesting case studies, interviews and our fun, insightful drama series …

  • waitingroomfay

    The Waiting Room

    SATURDAYS: 6 - 9PM

    Pre-drinks, chatter galore are part of it all, as we get ready for a night out. About to paint the joburg streets red and get turnt. The waiting room is the spot you need to be waiting at to get …

  • Breaking Ground

    Breaking Ground

    Wednesdays: 7 - 8pm

    Breaking ground is a hard-hitting current affairs news program that provides VOWFM listeners with in-depth current news; addressing issues that directly affect...

  • killerjoint

    The Killer Joint

    Fridays/Saturdays: 9 - 12pm

    The Killer joint is your weekend starter that rocks your radio on Friday and Saturday nights from 21:00 till midnight.

  • deepindigostate

    Deep Indigo State

    Mondays: 8 - 11PM

    Deep Indigo State brings you an eclectic mix of indie sounds. This “hipster-craziness” all happens between 20:00 and 23:00 every Monday.

  • TheGarage

    The Garage

    Wednesdays: 8 -11PM

    The Garage Wednesday nights with Xyla between 8 and 11 pm; blasts through your radio with every kind of rock ‘n roll tune imaginable.

  • livingelectro

    Living Electro

    Thursdays: 8 - 11PM

    To add on to the craziness and experience, wild Kevin takes you on this ride! All the cool kids listen to ELECTRO! Love Electro, Bleed Electro, LIVE ELECTRO!

  • breakfastnew


    Weekdays: 6 - 9AM

    High IMPACT, HIGH ENERRGY, and all the madness you can find in the early hours of the morning. Catch Ben and Matt as they flip switch on the coolest radio station in South Africa.

  • muggingbeatsnew

    Mugging Beats

    Weekdays: 9-12pm

    VOW FM ease you from morning to midday with Mugging Beats, Monday to Fridays (9-12pm). This is a chilled and laid back show that is..

  • That Lunch Show

    That Lunch Show

    Weekdays: 12 - 3PM

    Hang out with the coolest kids on the VOW FM street. Apple weekday lunch (Monday) then Zenande & Bread (Tuesday) and Lwazi (Wednesday to Friday).

  • The Lift Club

    The Lift Club

    Weekdays: 3 - 6PM

    VOW FM’s energetic afternoon drive time show, which takes a road trip daily with the listeners as its every present passengers. 3 hours, great music…

  • midnightcrossover

    Midnight Crossover

    WEEKDAYS 4 - 6 AM AND SAT/SUN: 4 – 7am

    Midnight Crossover is certainly for the early risers. The show is easy going with not too much talk, but more focus on the music.

  • houseofrythmn

    House of Rhythm

    Sundays: 6 - 9PM

    Voice of Wits dedicates one day of week to house music fans. Sunday evenings between 6-9pm, the boys from House of Rhythm bring you the…

  • nightowls

    Night Owls

    Daily 12 - 4AM

    The people you never see but only hear in the odd hours of the morning. They come out at night when you most likely sleeping but if you happen to awaken...

  • weekendsontheedge

    Weekends on the Edge

    Saturday/Sundays: 7 – 10am

    The Morning after is the weekend breakfast show that is sure to soothe you after a night of hard partying. The Morning-After keeps you in the loop...

  • fullthrottle

    The Full Throttle

    Saturdays/Sundays: 10AM - 12PM

    Take 2 crazy kids, add 1 studio, and you’ll get the ingredients essential for sending your Saturdays and Sundays into overdrive. Join VOW FM’s resident loose cannon, MR. GAME, alongside dynamite kid, Tumi, as they relentlessly invade your radio and …

  • TOP40

    VOW FM Top 40

    Saturdays: 12 – 4pm

    The official VOW FM Top 40 brings you the best, the biggest and latest tunes! 4 hours of chart topping hits!

  • The Lift Club

    The Kwaito Koolerbox

    Saturdays: 4 – 6pm

    The only specialities show on the station that can sincerely call itself "uniquely South African".The Kooler-Box features nothing but home brewed Kwaito talent.

  • TTP

    The Total Package

    Tuesdays: 6 – 9pm

    The Total Package (TTP) is VOW FM’s only hip-hop show that showcases all the latest and up and coming in both local and international hip-hop scene.

  • afrodesiac--afrobox - labonvie

    The Afro-Box

    Sundays: 12 – 4pm

    Sunday afternoons between 12 and 4pm VOW FM goes 100% local. Local music, industry guests, plus a highlight of the best in the local music scene.

  • urbannook

    The Urban Nook

    Sundays: 4 – 6pm

    The Sunday Session features a mixture of slow jams and up-beat music to help sum-up your weekend and get you all good inside before the week ahead.

  • The Lift Club

    The Science Inside

    Mondays: 6-7 PM

    The Science Inside .....

  • ultimatehookup

    The Ultimate Hook Up

    Sundays: 9 – 12pm

    The Ultimate Hook Up the official Soul and RnB show on VOWFM, featuring new and old school RNB classics that take you down memory lane…

  • lifebeats


    Mondays: 7 - 8PM

    Life.Beats connects you to young critical thinkers and activists inside and outside the Wits community. The weekly talk show aims to highlight the challenges of…

  • loveshacked

    The Love Shack

    Thursdays: 7 - 8PM

    The Love Shack is a very popular sex and health wellness talk show.It looks at romantic relationships & sexual practices in a fun, innovative way for students.

  • ultimatehookup

    The Recruitment Agency

    Tuesdays: 7 - 8PM

    The Official Global Dance Music show on VOWFM

  • sportshubnew


    Wednesday: 6 - 7PM

    The hour show is jammed packed with the latest in sports results; Wits fixtures, results and major league challenges and international sports updates.

  • businessbuzz

    The Business Buzz

    Thursdays: 6 - 7PM

    Business Buzz is a weekly business show that enlightens young adults about the financial world, with regular updates and interviews on business topics.

  • afrodesiac--afrobox - labonvie


    Fridays: 7 - 9PM

    Love African Music? From Nigeria to Tanzaian, Togo, kenya, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo, and Ghana; The Afrodisiac brings you the best of Pan African Entertainment.

  • afrodesiac--afrobox - labonvie

    La Bonne Vie

    Tuesdays: 7 - 8PM

    With a twist towards life, La Bonne Vie aims to entertain and inspire its listeners through lifestyle, slaytainment and more. Every week, JayKhalo brings ....