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The Vow FM Drive

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The VOW FM Drive with Kgosigadi and Junior

Ant as he is known has three passions in life. 1. Radio. 2. Uncovering religious ideologies, belief and spirituality. 3. Marrying rich! After failing at attaining the latter he decided to focus on his two other passions. To follow his passions he is currently enrolled at Wits in a MA in Anthropology with research focused on spiritual insecurity in the Portuguese community in South Africa, while he co-hosts the drive show on the Voice of Wits (VoW).


Ant who is now 29, was born in Johannesburg into a Maderian family. At the age of 10 his father passed away after a drunk driver hit him when he was attempting to stop an accident from happening on the 1st of January at 4 in the morning. After this it was just him and his mother as he grew up; making her the most important person in his life. This event and upbringing had a great impact on him as a person, his views on the way the world functions and his place in this world. After taking a year off after high school he enrolled at Wits where he majored in Psychology and Anthropology.


Eventually he moved to Stellenbosch University to further his postgraduate studies in Anthropology. He was told, multiple times, by his supervisor that he lacked the ability to conduct research and it was implied that he would never complete a postgraduate degree. He decided to drop out of Stellies and move back to Johannesburg to complete his anthropology honours degree at Wits. He thrived upon his arrival. The freedom granted to him by the department allowed him to study what he wanted, religion, and this lead to his completion of his honours degree – with a distinction in research, suppose that supervisors don’t actually know everything. He stumbled into VoW by mistake.

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