Ayanda Ntuli

Age: 21

What is your hometown? Greytown

Which university/college did you go to?University of Witwatersrand

What did you study? Business Management and Psychology

What show are you currently doing?The Loft

What time?Sundays 20:00 – 22:00

What inspired you to join radio? I have always been opinionated and had a voice, but as i grew older met different kinds of people who think differently from me and that made me want to have conversations with people and also understand their thinking. Unlearning and relearning. Conversations don’t solve everything but they are a start. Radio gives me the voice. I do radio becaise i want to be impactful

Who is your favourite all time broadcaster?Anele Mdoda

What’s the one quote you live by?Its actually a song Lifetime by Maxwell “I could let my life pass me by or i could get down and try”

What’s been your best and worst moment on air?Best moment is the time i hosted that Lunch show with Sir Dimz – there was just so much power in that show. The worst moment was also when I hosted that lunch show with Dimz and an ad came on for best content producer category at the radio awards, i was nominated for that category so i shouted “that’s me” without realizing that I am on air

What’s the funniest thing you have ever heard?Me, I’m funny but I’m also a joke

Game night or movie night?Game night

What’s the most played song on your music playlist?Either Maxwell this womans work or Tamia who do you tell

What was the last lie you told?Ndibuyekile

If you had to pick an age that you would be for the rest of your life, which age would that be and why?I’d be two, no brains, no stress, no school, just vibes, food, crying and sleeping

Name your favourite equipment /tool you use on air?The volume

Who is your go to person for anything and everything in life?My bestie – Chigwedere Holdings, Valentino Chigwedere


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