Cayleigh Jacobs

Age: 24

What is your hometown? Johannesburg

Which university/college did you go to? Wits and UJ

What did you study? Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts in media and visual arts and performance. Postgraduate: Bachelor in Communications Theory

What show are you currently doing? Endless Weekends-Saturdays & Sundays 10:00AM-12:00PM

What time? 10:00AM-12:00PM

What inspired you to join radio? I have always wanted to be a presenter and I have a passion for entertainment arts and I just love talking!

Who is your favourite all time broadcaster? Heidi Goikos(EWN presenter)

What’s the one quote you live by? “Just Breath”

What’s been your best and worst moment on air? Best Moment is talking to guests! Worst moment on air when I spoke for a whole link and the mic was OFF!

What’s the funniest thing you have ever heard? My boyfriend rapping

Game night or movie night? Game Night!

What’s the most played song on your music playlist? LiYoshona (feat. Njelic, Malumnator & De Mthuda) Main Mix(Heard it a lot in the last few weeks)

What was the last lie you told? I am not getting the vaccine

If you had to pick an age that you would be for the rest of your life, which age would that be and why? 21! I had the best time being 21! Going out, clubbing and living my best life!

Name your favourite equipment /tool you use on air? My cell phone, I love to do Instagram Live’s during my show

Who is your go to person for anything and everything in life? My go to person would be one of best friends Tamia!

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