Gamelihle ‘Game’ Bovana / Radio Show Host

Gamelihle ‘Game’ Bovana shows

Sorry, there is nothing for the moment.

Age: That’s on a need-to-know basis, & YOU don’t

Rep. your hometown: East London

What university /college did you go to?University of the Witwatersrand

What did you study? BA: Dramatic Art (Honours)

What show are you currently doing? DFL Lifebeats (with Wits Drama For Life) & The Covid Report

What time? DFL Lifebeats (8-9pm Mondays) – The Covid Report (6-7pm – Tuesdays)

What inspired you to join radio? DJ Roger Goode’s “Saturday Night Surgery” show on 5FM, & T-Bo Touch’s “Rhyme & Reason” show on Metro FM

Who is your favourite all time broadcaster? The late great Jammer – Bob Mabena

What’s the one quote you live by? “you better hold onto love – TIGHT – and never let go” – Deadpool

What’s been your best and worst moments on air?The “worst” was the very 1st – the “best” was my very last

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?The fact that Goofy is treated like a human being, & Pluto is treated like a dog

Game night or movie night? My birth name isn’t MOVIElihle, so…

What’s the most played song on your music playlist? Dua Lipa – “New Rules” (SG Lewis Remix)

What was the last lie you told? The Earth is flat

If you had to pick an age that you would be for the rest of your life, which age would that be and why?19… there’s a famous song written about it

Name your favourite equipment/tool you use on air? The microphone

Who is your go to person for anything and everything in life? I’d say “God”, but y’all might argue that He isn’t a “person”, so I’ll say my mom

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