Sifiso Nyawo

Sifiso Nyawo shows

Age: 29

What is your hometown? Richards Bay,KZN

Which university/college did you go to? Wits

What did you study? LLB and BA (Media Studies)

What show are you currently doing? The SportsHub

What time? Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm to 8:00pm

What inspired you to join radio? The story telling aspect of it and being able to connect with those that have the same passion with the platform, as I do

Who is your favourite all time broadcaster? Robert Marawa

What’s the one quote you live by? “Carpe Diem”

What’s been your best and worst moment on air? My best is having had a great interview with a high profile guest and getting props for it afterwards from the guest. My worst is being so nervous that I stuttered and then pronounced someone’s name incorrectly

What’s the funniest thing you have ever heard? A certain joke, which I unfortunately cannot share here ha ha…

Game night or movie night? Game Night

What’s the most played song on your music playlist? Amasheleni – Kabelo Mabalane

What was the last lie you told? I’m good and you?

If you had to pick an age that you would be for the rest of your life, which age would that be and why? 21, because you can pretty much do everything legally around the world

Name your favourite equipment /tool you use on air?</strong/> Microphone

Who is your go to person for anything and everything in life? Not necessarily one person but my Family

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