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Written by on March 19, 2021

A blind medium telling tales relying on just one sense of the five which is “Hearing”. An art, most people call it. It is a thrill for those behind the mic putting in the work to relay accurate messages, to ensure that they depict an image compelling listener’s to not change the dial. That is a definition radio within the walls of Voice of Wits (VOW fm 88.1).

Targeting young people and students in Braamfontein and surrounding areas, VOW fm is a campus-based radio station broadcasting from Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. With our target audience ranging from age 18-28, we understand the importance of versatility in both music and content.

Since the relaunch of the station in 2010 our primary goal was connecting with our audience and delivering the best radio content without fail. Hence, we push for interactive content that allows our listeners to participate and play music that is being voted for and requested by you. As part of our goal, we are running a survey to get to know you our listener better.

Along with your taste in music and content, we also want to know where you are based. With majority of the listeners being students and young adults, we are interested in knowing what your interest are. Please spare three minutes of your time and take part in this survey, who knows, you could be one of our lucky winners of a Vow fm voucher.


Q: As we get to know you, what more do you want to hear and know about VOW FM on your airways?

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