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The National Prosecuting Authority has dropped all charges against rapper and television presenter, Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye, following a thorough review of the police case docket and defense representations.

The charges against Maarohanye surfaced when his ex-girlfriend, Amanda du Pont, alleged that Jub Jub had sexually assaulted her in their previous relationship

The prosecutor’s report and recommendations, the police case docket, and information provided to the NPA by the defence’s submissions to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) were all carefully considered before this judgment was taken.

The office of the DPP came to the conclusion that there are no realistic chances of a successful prosecution, according to NPA spokeswoman Phindi Mjonondwane on Thursday.

“As a result, the sensible thing to do was to withdraw the charges of rape, attempted murder and assault against Maarohanye,” said Mjonondwane.

The National Prosecuting Authority has dropped all charges against Jub Jub, a rapper and television presenter, following a thorough review of the police case docket and defense representations.

According to Mjonondwane, the NPA takes all claims of sexual assault seriously and would act aggressively in response, but only in cases where the accusations are supported by pertinent and admissible evidence.

“Unfortunately in this case, upon further assessment of available evidence, there were no prospects of a successful prosecution hence the withdrawal of charges,” said Mjonondwane

Social media, meanwhile, took a different stance on the celebrities’ charges being dropped on X (formerly Twitter).

@lavidaNOTA on X posted : “Now bring your son home… You owe yourself a good relationship with your ID photo!✊🏿❤️”

@thabi66078651 posted: “They saw something in you and wanted to destroy it, don’t be tamed, just unleash the greatness in you👊”

@IamLadyeeElle: “A case withdraw doesn’t make you innocent though. We all know how difficult it is to prosecute rape cases, the State didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute you but they did not declare you as “NOT GUILTY”.”

@QueenZion101: “Congrats  Jub lama sweet amaningi. Can your legal team also help you to have a relationship with your son. He needs his father. It’s not about Kelly. Please Jub jub. He has sad eyes and already being caught with ganja at school.”

@MphoAL: “Hai… let it be the end. You paid for your mistakes yoh.”

@gcume_akhile: “Any comment from Penny Lebyane and Amanda Du Pont?”

@TheRealGobetse: “You must stop talking too much nawe, telling everyone that you chowed Ayanda ngathi you’re a teenager…grow up!!”


Reacting to the withdrawal of the charges against him, the Ndikhokhele hitmaker said he was happy it was all over.

“I feel relieved. The truth always prevails. It is finally over. I can get my life back. I lost a lot. I lost a lot of money, time and respect,” Jub Jub said.

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