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Area Code is a fun and interactive mid-morning show on VOW FM, which airs weekdays at 09:00-12:00. This show aims to ease listeners into their mornings by keeping them up-to-date with the latest news and trends, while also serving as a student’s “go-to” for campus related events and information.

Given that our primary target market is the youth (particularly students) the content on the show resonates with the youth and allows for conversations around a vast range of issues that young people face, from anxiety and depression to different study methods, right down to the effects of social media after employment (just to name a few).

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Age: 24 What is your hometown? Durban Which university/college did you go to? Boston City College What did you study? Advertising/Radio Production What show are you currently doing? Area Code What time? 9-12pm What inspired you to join radio? Delivering of content and engaging with people Who is your favourite all time broadcaster?:DJ Fresh What’s […]

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